Scuba Academy Koh Chang

Koh Chang is an island in the Province of Trat about 315 km from Bangkok at the eastern gate to Cambodia which offers great SCUBA Diving in the warm Tropical Water of the Golf of Thailand. “Koh Chang” means “Elephant Island” but that does not mean that there are wild elephants on Koh Chang. The name comes from the shape of the island that looks from above like an elephant head. Koh Chang has a size of 380 sqkm and is the second biggest island of Thailand. The highest mountain is almost 800 m high and furthermore most parts of Koh Chang consist of rainforest with great nature, some beautiful waterfalls and many different kinds of animals. The west coast of Koh Chang is already highly developed with hotels in all price categories and lots of restaurants and bars. Also most of the beautiful white sand beaches are located there and visitors will find plenty of activity-possibilities such as jungle trekking, elephant riding, kayaking, snorkelling and of course SCUBA Diving trips in the Mu Koh Chang Nationalpark.

There are several dive sites around Koh Chang for both beginners and advanced divers alike. One of our staples is the HTMS Chang, one of the largest shipwrecks in Thailand.

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