Santi E.Space

Made of light and durable Try-Laminate fabric Nylon/Butylen/Polyester
MTM: Made To Measure (the suit is sewn to your measurements!)
STD: Standard Size
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The Santi Dry Suit E.Space (Enduro Space) is made of light and durable Try-Laminate fabric Nylon/Butylen/Polyester, with a density of 350gr/sqm. It is cut for easy adjustment to any figure and does not limit range of motion in any direction. The telescoping torso stretches up to 12 inches and gives great mobility, regardless of any underwear or thickness of any Jumpsuit vests. The sleeves on our dry suits are sewn in such a way that, when it lays flat the suit is Y-shaped, not T-shaped. This guarantees easy full range of motion with freedom of movement. Combined with deep telescoping torso, our suits provide no restrictions even for complex tasks.

We offer as a standard model option: two big utility pockets on thighs especially designed for this style, telescoping torso, suspenders with practical pocket for documents/keys and neoprene boots.

For a size chart, see the attached PDF below.
There is also interesting videos over at Santi’s website showing how to measure and taking on/off the dry suit.

The suit is also available as MTM(Made To Measure), the suit is sewn to your measurements.
In addition to perfect fit, you can also choose from various accessories and options such as Pee Valve, other color on the arms or clothing, other valves, rock boots and flex sole instead of neoprene boots, embroidered name on one of the pockets and more…

Total weight: 8.82 pounds
Fabric: Try-Laminate Nylon/Butylen/Poliester 350gr/sqm
Colors: black/black
Telescoping torso
Front zip covered by an additional zip-fastened flap
Apeks valves
Two utility pockets
Neoprene neck seals (Warmneck)
HD bottle shape wrist seals
Neoprene boots
6 mm Neoprene collar hood
Low pressure inflator hose
E.Space bag
3 year warranty

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